The Importance of Boundaries After Abuse: How to Set and Maintain Them

Introduction Setting and maintaining boundaries is crucial in any relationship, but even more so after abuse. Boundaries help us protect ourselves from further harm and establish healthy, respectful relationships. How to Set Boundaries 1. Identify Your Needs Before you can set boundaries, you need to identify what your needs are. This may include physical boundaries, […]

The Power of Forgiveness: Healing After Abuse

Introduction Forgiveness is a powerful tool in the healing process. Its important to remember that forgiveness is not about condoning the abusive behavior, but about releasing the anger and resentment that can hold us back from healing. The Benefits of Forgiveness 1. Reduced Stress When we hold onto anger and resentment, we carry a heavy […]

Healing After Narcissistic Abuse: Tools to Help You Move Forward

Introduction If you have recently left a relationship with a narcissist, you are likely feeling a range of emotions. It can be difficult to move on from such an experience, but its important to remember that healing is possible. Here are some tools to help you in your journey towards emotional healing: Tools to Help […]